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Zigmont Magic FX has be making Spectacular Special Effects for Even since the 1990's and our current Comprehensive website is®,come visit. This was our first website started in 1992, please update your 2014 bookmarks.

Allow us to educate you on the operation of Cryo CO2 Jets and inside tips at Effectspcialsit.comŽ. You can call our effect specialist at 813 689 6269 for expert help right now.

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We provide only the Worlds Best Brands of Professional Cryo Jet Systems. We can provide turn-key Cryo Jet installation, service and operation for Corporate Conventions, Sports Games, and special events along with Sales and Rentals of Special Effects CO2, Cryo Effects, CO2 Jets, Cryo FX Cannons.

Our Cryo Technicians are ready to assist you in making your convention event program or your conference award night look amazing with CO2 Cryo Effects. We will make your event perfect because we can employ many professional brands and cryo machine models such as Global Special Effects, Hanson Prosystems, Universal Effects, Sigma Services.

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Zigmont Magic FX has the Latest Cryo Jet Equipment and cryogenic effect systems with built in DMX that can light up and appear to look like fire or ice. Color cryo with out washing the whole stage. Plus now with animatronic type 180 % movement for CO2 cryo jets. Working with all the best Brands of cryogenics systems not forcing just one companies Cryo FX tool box to do the job right.

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With you are hiring the best field experts in the effects industry and a certified effect specialist on every job. We pride ourselves on offering the best knowledgeable advise along with innovative show designs since 1989. If you’re looking for a reliable, industry-tested special effects solution with a reputation for unparalleled Customer Service, look no further.

Cryo CO2 Jets systems

A Family Run Business Zigmont Magic FX Inc 813 689 6269 We work for the major Theme Park Studios Like Disney, Universal Studios, Seaworld, Legolandand Professional Sports Teams Like MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, NASCAR.

Hollywood-quality Atmospheric Effects Fake Snow,LSG Low Lying Cryo Fog, Pyrotechnics, Smoke Machines, Bubble machines, Propane Flames, Confetti cannons, Foam, Fireworks, Water FX, Scent, CO2 Cryo Jets our specialty is in the realm effects for Live Events.

“We use special effects Pyrotechnics, Fireworks displays, Close Proximate pyrotechnic displays, Falling & Blowing Evaporating Fake Snow machine Effects, Propane Flames, Confetti and Cyro C02 Blasts to enhance a moment, to provide emotion, to carry a theme or story, or to reinforce branding. Sometimes it’s just about impact and getting people rallied up.







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